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Welcome To Our Bath Shop Welcome To Our Bath Shop

Colorful Towels for the whole family,
Fun Image Bath Towels for Kids & Adults,
Our Towel line includes some great image
Towels you will be proud to show off
at home, at the beach or pool.
Wrap yourself in comfort with your favorite
color Cotton Shower Wraps or Bathrobes.
Make your Childrens Bath more fun,
a Bath Towel with his/her favorite
character is a fun Bath.

The Bath Towels on this site are 100% Cotton.
Fiber Reactive is the Printing Process.
Colors will NOT FADE as long as YOU FOLLOW

Many Bath Towels, Robes & Shower Wraps to choose from
The Images Shown Below are clickable to that Category

Marilyn Towels Corona Towels Florida Towels
Gambling Towels Sealife Towel Solid Color Towel
Wildlife Towels Beach Towel Kids Robes
Adult Plush Bath Robes Mens Shower Wraps Womens Shower Wraps

Our Cotton Towels include,
Beach Towels, Bath Towels,
in solid color and your
favorite image Bath Towels.
Cartoon Bath Towels,
Betty Boop Bath Towels,
Mariln Monroe Bath Towel,
Corona Bath Towels,
Florida Bath Towel,
Gambling Bath Towel,
Scooby Doo Bath Towel,
Sealife Bath Towel,
Wildlife Bath Towel

Our other Bath Site " Comfy Towels"
is listed in the Footer Below.

If you have any questions, please use the E-mail & Our info
link to contact us. Shipping Charges quoted are for U.S.A.

Our D.I.Y Blog

How to Decorate a Bathroom for a "Sea Change" Look or Beach Feel

Do you love the feel of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the grains of its sand, and the scent of the sea? The ambiance that you feel when you are on a beach is just different. It is just so relaxing, so soothing. It can separate you from the busy and stressful reality. After all, bathing is one way to relieve your stress.

If you can’t always go to the beach, you can simply bring the beach to your home. Decorate your bathroom so it will have that "beach feel".

Here is a list of ideas that you can use to decorate your bathroom that sea change look.

The Coastal Cool Look

Transform your bathroom into a coastal look by choosing a maritime blue shade to create an accent wall. Contrast this shade with some breezy curtains, white floor tiles, and a claw-foot bathtub. To create better ‘beach’ vibes, add some wall art that shows aquatic animal prints, seashell, and other marine-life designs.

A Charming Display

Turn your bathroom into a cottage. You can use bookshelves (built-in) to put an array of beach finds e.g. seashells, starfish (synthetic or artificial), etc. among your bathroom supplies such as towels, soaps, and shampoos, etc. Not only can you use this bookshelf as a storage option for decorative items, you can also use it as an addition to your bathroom's beach look.

The Beachy Blues

This design is not wrapped with beach decors. However, it still produces a coastal look through its blue color scheme. The walls should be covered with hues of gray-blue glass tiles, while the porcelain floors should be grass cloth-inspired. The shower area can be marbled with a sea-blue shade with tiles that are made from glass. A mosaic can perfectly resonate with the glass door.  The overall look releases a modern beach charm.

There are still lots of coastal decorations that you can use in your bathroom. To get the most desirable outcome, it's best if you experiment the decorations yourself. You’ll be surprised on what you can do.

How to Choose the Right Size of Mattress for your Bedroom

I think one should invest more time in planning what to do with their bedroom. After all, the bedroom is the one area in our house where we stay most of the time. It is where we start and end our day. Thus, giving it more attention is essential. Start by thinking about the perfect bed and mattress for your bedroom.

Look for options   

A perfect bed is one which allows you to move around comfortably. To find it, try looking around retailer stores. You can decide which one is the best for you after you have seen several selections.

Fix a budget

Look for mattresses that can fit your budget. You do not have to settle for less though. Make sure that the price of the mattress does not affect its quality.

Do Some Measurements

One way to fully relax in your bedroom is to have enough bed space. However, don’t buy a bed that’s too big you no longer have enough walking and breathing space. Get your tape measure and determine the right measurement of bed for your room.

Identify the Different Types of Mattresses

Do some researches before you go to shops and buy a extra firm mattress. They come in different sizes and features.

  • Bunk beds.

Their size varies-- from thirty to thirty-three inches wide and seventy-five long. Bunk beds are recommended to a small-sized bedroom.

  • Twin beds

The standard twin bed measures up to thirty-nine inches wide and seventy-five inches long. But, there are longer ones with eighty to eighty-four inches long. It’s hard to find bed sheets that can fit in them though. If you have a small bedroom, consider twin beds as they can still allow extra space.

  • Full-size/ Double-size mattresses

It has a width of fifty-four inches and a length of seventy-five to eighty inches. This can also fit in smaller rooms and is enough for two tall people.

  • Queen-size mattresses

It measures sixty inches wide and eighty inches to eighty-four inches long. It has a size that is even great for two people. 

  • King-size mattresses

This is already big for two people. King-size beds can be divided into two types—Standard/ Eastern, with a width of seventy inches and a length of eighty inches, and California King, which measures seventy-two inches wide and eighty-four inches long.

Now that you know what to look for in a perfect mattress for your bedroom, you should be able to buy the perfect one.

How to Find a Couch and Recliner Combination for Modern Living Rooms

As the interest in personalized interior décor is growing, more and more people are now brave enough to mix of colors, texture/prints, and shapes when it comes to seating selection. However, you can’t just randomly mix and match. You have to be extra careful with your selections or be creative about it. When going for a couch and recliner combination, for example, there are some things you should remember.


A recliner should coordinate with the other furniture in the room. Putting the recliner in line with a couch facing the television is poor arrangement. Instead, put two recliners alongside each other and have it face the direction of the television. Put the couch at a right angle to the recliners.

Responsible recliner retailers/ manufacturers will inform you how much space the recliner can consume behind other furniture for it to completely recline. Make sure there is a space between the recliners and other furniture and avoid placing it behind walls.


Recliners with simple designs can work out pretty well with any other contemporary seating styles. You can match this up with a couch that has a relaxing style and has a similar scale and quality. Also, try putting this with a showy rug to serve as an additional decorative piece in your contemporary living room.

Color, Patterns, and Textures

Nothing can make the decoration of your house look more alive than the coordinated colors and pattern of your home furniture. If the color of your recliner doesn’t match up with the other decors, you can change it through putting an upholsterer or bedding with your chosen color. Pattern and texture can also offer a transformation look of the recliner. Contrast welting and nailheads can add details to it and can make it go well with the other furniture and décor.

Deciding Between a Push Mower and a Ride on Mower

We only want what’s best for our lawn. Thus, we think hard on what is more practical when it comes to the maintenance of our yard. If you are still deciding which one is better between a push mower and a ride on mower, we can help you with that. Factors that determine which one is best for your lawn care are listed here.

Size and terrain

Lawn mowers come with lots of selection or types. The right mower for your lawn can be determined through the size and the type of terrain your lawn has.

Push or Reel mowers are best handled in small size lawns with a flat terrain. Remember, the power or energy that helps the mower to function comes from the person who manually uses it. Large and sloped terrain might be energy-exhausting and can be complicated as well as dangerous.

Meanwhile, Engine or Riding mowers are appropriate to be used in large yards with a size of 1/2 acres or larger. When it comes to the kind of terrain it can work with, all riding mowers can work with pretty much different types of terrain. It’s best not to mow across an incline when using a riding mower as it can be dangerous.

Your Physical Condition

Taking into account your physical condition on deciding the right mower for you is important. Remember that this kind of activity requires energy exertion, so one should be paying attention as to what their capabilities are. If it is physically difficult for you, push/ reel mowers can only be used if you have a very small yard. For yards that are larger, you might want to use a riding mower that minimizes the use of your energy rather than manual mowers.

Push Mowers vs. Riding Mowers In a Nutshell

Push Mowers

Also known as reel mower or manual mower, push mower is considered as the simplest to use among all mowers. This is because it is manually operated, unlike the other engine-operated mowers that have buttons and other technological features. This mower is also compact and lightweight which makes them storable and transportable. It is also considered as environment-friendly as it does not exhaust any pollutants and it is more cost-friendly. It has its limitations, though. It is very complicated to work with inclined or sloped terrains and on larger areas.

Riding Mowers

Recommended with larger yards as it is engine operated, you wouldn’t get tired mowing when using it. Riding mowers with a rear-engine feature have lower speed and performance compared to other riding mower types. Its advantage is that rear engine mower can fit just right in narrower spaces or storages among other riding mowers.

Whatever mower you will decide for your lawn care, you just have to make sure that it suitably fits you and your lawn.

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